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Looking forward:

WCMS has been granted an extension of the lease on Daisy House in Girrawheen. When we first moved here several years ago, it was thought there was plenty of space to expand our activities and more than enough room for many more new members.

How wrong we were. Within a very short space of time we found ourselves bursting at the seams.

The City of Wanneroo has offered the WCMS a lease "in principle" on a piece of land within the Wanneroo townsite, and enquiries regarding a fundraising program are in progress. We wish to build a community focused building, large enough to accommodate our "shed", as well as  providing meeting and activity rooms for other groups.

Is your group Looking for a "home"?

WCMS is seeking expressions of interest from Community groups wanting to gain access to affordable, secure meeting rooms and facilities. Please direct your enquiries to our chairperson - Peter Huisman - on 0411 479 442.

Odd how things work.

Ron Harley donates a pile of equipment and hardware because he's loosing his shed. Not long afterwards, Ron comes and asks if he's able to use that equipment because he's got a little job on.

Of course that causes some minor concern because Ron is not a member, but how can you say no. So a couple of the committee members put their heads together and decided that Ron be given status as a member - certainly of good standing, and that the equipment he sought to use is now available to him. We like those win-win situations. Warms the heart.

The place is "buzzing".

An answer to a question without notice put our estimated computer output for the previous 12 months at around 400 units. A great achievement by all involved.

Recycling has become a major aspect of our operation. Unsuitable computers are stripped of their individual components such as mainboard, heatsinks, disk drives, memory etc., allowing us to send much of it to scrap dealers and not landfill. Unsuitable hard drives are physically dismantled and the disk platter coatings defaced to render them incapable of data retrieval. 
We often receive visits from men who want us to have stuff they no longer need.
Absolutely amazing. The generosity of people is sometimes difficult to fathom.

One gentleman, who told us that he had always had the desire to try his hand at woodworking, but totally lacked any handyman skills, donated to us a band saw, table saw, combination belt and disk sander and a pedestal drill. All items, although several years old, were absolutely un-used brand spanking new. I went to John's place in Morley to pick the items up from his backyard shed. I must admit to feeling rather sad that he never got to fulfill his desire of at least turning some good wood into sawdust.

But John can rest assured that his donated equipment will be taken care of and be put  to good use, and an open invitation stands for him, and any donors, to come and use the donated gear in our shed - after the normal formalities of course.

Computers available for Community Groups

Are you a member of a community group?
We currently have computers awaiting allocation to community groups / organisations.  Let your committee know. Contact us to discuss how you group can take advantage of this offer.

Community groups need to meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the Organisations application form. If you are not sure if your group would qualify for a computer please do not hesitate to contact us on:

or phone us on 6142 8933

Latest News
We are now installing the latest version of Windows 10 software onto all of our computers