Open Hours & Location

  Our Men's Shed is
  located at:

  Daisy House
  6 Wade Court

  Opening times and
  days are:

  9:00am to 2:00pm
   Tuesdays + Fridays

   excluding public

Our day starts with one or two men putting the billy on.
It is extremely important to get things in their right order.

On lucky days, one or more members will bring some goodies from
home to share at morning tea time.

The members then disperse to their area of interest which includes:

The Triage
This area is where donated computers come under scrutiny. The standard of computers we supply requires us to do a reasonable amount of culling - sorting out the good from the bad. Computers deemed unsuitable for redistribution are dismantled and the components recycled. Computers suitable for redistribution are subject to a rigorous physical cleaning of the case and internals, and electronic cleaning of the hard disk drives ready for re-use.

The Laptop Clinic -
This is where laptops are brought for examination. If it is possible to refurbish them they are checked and passed to the build for reinstallation. If not they are dis-assembled into various componants for recycle

The Build Room
This area is where the cleaned computers have their hard disk drives brought back to life by having a certified copy of a Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office installed.

The Quality Control area -
Here the computers  are given a final health check prior to being moved to
the last stage.
The Delivery Room
This is where all refurbished computers are stored. When a customer comes to pick up their allocated computer , it is set up for them and they are shown how to connect it up and commence using it.

The the woodworking area -
This is currently "under construction" with benches being made and set out. The equipment and machinery so far accumulated is being moved around to find a best spot for it. If you would like to be involved, come and see us. 

Or just simply enjoy the camaraderie. Pick a nice spot to sit, have a brew and chat.

Open Hours