Photos - Wanneroo Community Men's Shed

Our Shed. Daisy House in Girrawheen.

October 2011:
Compared to our small quarters at the Hainsworth Centre, our current home - Daisy House -
provides us with plenty of room to expand.

The old place is "old", but not as rough as this photograph seems to imply.

October 2012:
A couple of years have passed since Daisy House became our new home, and, well, the truth is that even though Daisy House is more than 5 times the size of our previous premises - a room at the Hainsworth Center, we are bursting at the seams.

Good news. Discussions are well on the way with the good people at the City of Wanneroo. A plot of land has been located where our group is seen to be "a good fit". Almost in the center of Wanneroo, it will be a good place to build our very own shed. The location should encourage more men to become members and spend a few hours several times a week in the company of their peers.

Daisy House - our current "shed" sporting an artist's impression of WCMS's logo.

Now let's see what goes on inside:

The Triage room.

This is where decisions are made about a computer.

1. Is it a "keeper", i.e., a good one to be refurbished?

2. Will it be suitable for parts? or

3. Should it be decommissioned and recycled as scrap?

The Build room.

After cleaning and a thorough check each computer has Microsoft Windows and Office 2010 installed on it.

The Delivery room.

When a computer has completed its refurbishment it is held here until the client picks it up. The computer is demonstrated to the client who then signs a release form and takes the computer away.