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Typically, suitable computers are opened and physically cleaned. Then the hard disks are electronically cleaned of any and all programs and data - a requirement of our certification by Microsoft as Refurbishers. The computers then have a new, licensed operating system installed along with associated software and utilities, such as Anti virus software. They  are tested at each step and before being provided to a successful applicant, they are quality checked.

All computers are air dusted to clean them and then stored until required for software installation.

Using a specialized approved process, each computer's hard disk drive is wiped of all its previous information prior to having the new, licensed Microsoft software installed, as well as public domain software that is made available under open license.

: A few of our refurbishing team.

The refurbished PCs are basically re-distributed at no cost for the hardware. We have a minimal cost recovery for the software. 

To enable this work to continue we are always on the lookout for an ongoing supply of suitable donated computers. Unfortunately, because of the cost of dumping unusable obsolete equipment, we can only accept flat panel style monitors.

The Process