We are proud to have as a major project the refurbishing of Personal Computers.

Our group accepts donated reasonably current computers and Laptops and provides them to people in need for a small refurbishment fee.

How cheap? People who meet the application eligibility criteria can purchase one from as little as $80. The fee is charged primarily to defray our direct software costs from Microsoft. Having said that, Microsoft are extremely generous with their refurbishment programs.
System 19:
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64, 4Gb RAM, 250 Gb Hard disk, 17” LCD Display, Keyboard, Mouse, MS Office 2010*

Various sizes and makes. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64,
Minimum specs 2Gb RAM, 160 Gb Hard disk,

* Office 2010 comprises of the following applications:
PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook and OneNote.

Would you like one?

Click here to go to the Application form page. Download the appropriate Application form and determine if you qualify for a WCMS Inc refurbished computer.

Please Note: For all computer related enquiries please phone 0499 243 171
or email: