Recycling Process

Some of the TEAM deconstructing computers, knowing that they don’t have to reassemble them.

There are times when the action at the bench requires repetitive, small and safe tasks. At these times we see the guys working almost shoulder to shoulder. As part of our social contract, we include several disadvantaged workers, with their carers, in an exercise to broaden their experiences, and to allow them the opportunity to mix with friendly, supportive and mature men. Within our hours of operation we have up to six men we can accommodate, with jobs they feel comfortable in attempting.

Sometimes they just forget to go home, lost in the puzzle of how to separate one thing from another.

We maximise the small value of the recyclable materials by offering the merchants “clean, non corrupted” materials. This entails dismantling equipment to the maximum separation levels and being aware of odd screws, posts and non compliant materials. When dealing in matters of cents per kilo, attention to detail is paramount.