Refurbishment Process

The term ‘refurbished’ literally means to restore or recondition to a ‘like new’ condition for reuse. PC refurbishment is done either by manufacturers themselves or by licensed refurbishers. It should be noted that we are a licensed refurbisher and only install genuine Microsoft products onto eligible PCs.

The steps involved in our refurbishment process are as follows:

1. Inspection

Upon arrival at our facility, we remove any identification marks and stickers from all equipment. All products are visually inspected and examined for cosmetic damage. Any units unsuitable for resale are securely recycled.

2. Data Erasure

A BIOS factory reset is carried out to remove any configurations and return the equipment back to manufacturer default settings. Next the hard drives are wiped to the highest standard ensuring secure, permanent erasure of any residual data.

3. Cleaning

The exterior of the equipment is cleaned to remove any accumulated dirt and dust. The interior is cleaned with high pressure air blown inside the equipment to remove dust from the internal components and in the inner walls of the casings.

4. Repairs

All products are visually inspected and examined for cosmetic and internal damage. Replacement of parts such as any missing or damaged RAM, battery packs, power supplies, keyboards, screens etc. are repaired or replaced.

5. Software Installation and Licensing

A new Windows operating system and genuine refurbished Microsoft licence are installed and activated. The latest security patches and updated drivers are applied. At the same time open license public domain software is installed such as a PDF reader and anti-virus products.

6. Quality Control

At this stage all aspects of the refurbishment process are tested and checked to make sure that the computer meets our quality control standards.

7. Resale

After final inspection the equipment is stored and available for reselling.